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In House Capabilities

  • All products entering our facility are marked with an identification number. The 10 digit number allows tracking through the facility as well as ease of reference to production date, job number. An additional mark is placed during the coatings process which shows number of days from arrival into our facility to shipment date, 10 working days remains our focus.
  • In house stripping - As we process many coated parts we must remove the OEM paint.  Our strip line ensures quick turn around time and a paint free product for our preparation department to process.
  • Automated polishing - Using Drag Finishing technology we smooth the surface using a slurry of abrasive media, this takes labor out of the part and supplies a base to the finishing process.
  • Hand Benching - Any part of the wheel the automated process can not reach we inspect and finish by hand. 
  • Pretreatment - Key to a quality finish, removal of any contaminates and provides the paint a substrate suitable for OEM quality adhesion specifications.
  • Paint - Our three coat process layers a base, bi-metal and topcoat which produces a smooth color correct "chrome look" PVD coated part which has the performance characteristics of a powder coated part.
  • All product is inspected and well boxed to protect the end product for shipping to our clients, your customer or held in our facility for shipment.     
  • R&D - We do take on select R&D projects, past and current projects include: Steel and composite substrates as well as varying forms of castings weather it be die, gravity or low-pressure. Although our primary coatings are the wheel industry we do understand the need for the coating in multiple industry segments.

At Onward we not only supply a coating but study and understand the products we coat, over time we have gained an detailed understanding of casting techniques and quality of global foundries. We feel understanding the quality standards of not just our facility but the standards of the foundry is a path to success for the entire channel.