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Our partners are committed to "best in segment" in quality, durability and service.

Brian Boley - President - 25 years  in the automotive wheel industry, daily operations, marketing and R&D. brian@onwardcoatings.com cell 614.778.2663

Dett Hunter - Chairman  - Joined the company in 2010 as lead investor, Long Term Vision, ISO documentation, business mentoring. dhunter@onwardcoatings.com

Ed Hollinshead - Leads OEX division of the company, distribution and sales.  ed@oexllc.com

All of Onwards Partners are involved with the company on a daily basis.

The vision of Onward Coatings Company, LLC came in November 2002 while working a late night at the office, when Brian happened across a brief article in a trade magazine on PVD coating. Because of the automotive wheel background of co-founders Brian and Robert Boley and the knowledge that traditional chrome plating was an ongoing problem due to durability and cost. The Boleys decided to pursue a viable alternative to the traditional method of chrome plating. Through research and continued contact with people in the industry a team of entrepreneurial professionals has been assembled to commercialize PVD bright finishes to the automotive industry. Onward is currently in production supplying coatings for the automotive wheel and underhood accessory industry in our automated facility in Cleveland, OH. We are also flexible enough to R&D and coat parts for any company interested in finding an alternative to traditional chrome plating.