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We LOVE what we do

Ownership and pride in our coating is what drives our company. A disciplined focus on "best in Industry" and our client success is what drives us.

Leave it to Us

The removal of channel conflicts and being a worry free vendor is important to our and your success. Being a vertically integrated supplier we can coat and ship your product back to you, direct to your customer or hold inventory saving you logistics costs until the time you need it.  

We Truly Care

We are not selling a product we are selling a culture. To much in todays business, good enough is the goal. Our staff is constantly improving our process and procedures. We want to be your best vendor.

Our Promise to You

We promise to always provide quick answers and a quality product delivered in a timely fashion.

Why Choose Us

In house capabilities include stripping, surface preparation, pretreatment and finishing. Value add services include national distribution, packaging, transparent communication and R&D.

Communication between companies is key to a successful working relationship. Our partners are involved daily and our clients have direct access to our production floor, eliminating any delay in updates on product coatings or shipment dates.

Onward Coatings has grown from a 12,000 sq ft start-up in 2007, into a filly integrated 72,000 sq ft PVD coatings facility in 2014. Onward Coatings partners focus on the Deming Management style removing communication barriers and channel conflicts allowing the production staff and our clients to benefit from the companies success. Onwards coating is a low film build, low temperature, correct color, highest quality PVD coating in the segment. Our coating passes all OEM paint adhesion/appearance specifications.


About Us